Membership in ALVPOA is not limited to practice owners; however, only practice owners and their associates qualify for General Membership status with voting rights on the affairs of the association.

Membership levels and dues are structured as follows:

General Membership – Defined as a licensed veterinarian who has ownership interest in a clinic or practice in the state of Alabama and practicing associates working for the a practice owner. This is the only voting privileged role. Dues are $300.00 per DVM annually.

Associate Membership – Defined as a licensed veterinarian (i.e., veterinary school faculty, USDA veterinarians, etc.). No voting privileges. Dues are $150.00 per DVM annually.

Affiliate Membership – Defined as any person with an interest in the mission of the association (i.e., veterinary practice/office managers, technicians, drug distributors/ sale‐persons, etc.). No voting privileges. Dues are $150.00 per person annually.



There are several methods to process your membership requests.

You can download an application to print and return with your check payment here.

Membership application and payment is available online. This is a two part process. First you you will be given a choice of which membership subscription you wish to enroll with, and then you must register as a user for the website. Your status as a licensed veterinarian in Alabama will be verified before your account is authorized.

Click here to begin the registration process.