Economics and Politics

StBrnrdLike most small business owners, veterinarians are finding their profit margins, their staff, and their own time, strangled ever more by government regulations, taxes, fees and penalties. The Alabama Veterinary Practice Owners Association is positioning itself in the forefront of policing the issues that affect the business of managing a successful veterinary practice. In the past, issues such as these only rarely encroached upon the veterinary practitioner. In the hard economic times of today, with local, state and federal governments literally scratching and clawing for more sources of revenue to supply their bloated and overextended programs, veterinary practice owners cannot passively stand by and watch as their futures are robbed, penny by penny, of the value they once might have had.

Furthermore, the ability to provide adequate compensation to associates and support staff is diminished with every new regulation a government agency institutes. To insure that our practices possess the capacity to care adequately for our clients and their companions, we must fend off each of these regulatory encumbrances at every turn possible.  The ALVPOA's intent in this area is to make sure that veterinarians are aware of legislative activity that will affect their businesses, positively or negatively, and to give them a voice in the public and political arenas the they have not had before.